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Absolute Negative

The Future of Eccentric Training.

The most Positive Negative Experience you will have!

Who We Are

Experts In Manufacturing, Mechanical & Computer Engineering

Operating out of a shop just North of Denver the Absolute Negative team has over 20 years of metal Fabrication experience, 20+ years of Computer Engineering Knowledge, and over 40 years of Mechanical Engineering Mastery.  These combined talents have created a breakthrough Smart Technology that we cannot wait to share with you.

The Future of Eccentric Training & Pushing Your Limits

Our Patent-Pending Technology takes the risk out of pushing your body's limits to the max.  Unlock your true potential by finding out more about our technology and line of products.

Safely Destroying Your Plateaus is Our #1 Goal

From High School Sports Teams to Professional Athletes....  From the Professional Body Builder to the 2x a week lifter....  From the powerlifter totaling 2400 lbs. to those aspiring to hit the 1000 lb. mark.  We have something exciting for you.  

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Be on the forefront of Eccentric Lifting and new Technology